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Dark Horse Defense also offers:


Physical Security Assesments which include:

  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Review of site and facility security
  • Analysis of crime data including loss history, police calls for service, crime statistics, and crime forecast reports.
  • Review of degree of compliance with recognized CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principals
  • Review of facility operating procedures
  • Review of physical security systems
  • Review of electronic security systems
  • Review of architectural security
  • Review of security policies and procedures
  • Review of security management
  • Review of security personnel
  • Evaluation of present security program and identification of any weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Development of recommendations for security improvements
  • Identification of short-term and long-term costs
  • Prioritization of recommendations and development of implementation plan
  • Preparation of written Security Assessment Report

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Personal Armed or Unarmed Security or Close Protection Services (CPS) Domestically or Abroad.  

  • 24 hour or As needed presence.
  • Risk assessment, management and mitigation in assigned area.
  • Site survey and advanced reconnaissance
  • Route Selection
  • Egress Proceedure

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Disaster and Emergancy Preparedness Education

  • Provided to Family or Small Communities
  • 1 Day workshop or multi evening sessions available
  • Identify and Analyse the most prevalent threats in your area.
  • Develop family/community action plan.
  • Develop post event procedures
  • Identify and Acquire tools and skills necessary to deal with various hazards.
  • Build Basic 72 hour kit and examine more long term options.

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