Firearms Basics (3 hours) (Beginner level) ($50)

This course is intended for individuals that have little or no previous experience with firearms.  We will first cover safe handling and the 4 cardinal rules of firearms safety.  This will be followed by a brief explanation of the basic principals that make firearms function as well as the various types of firearms.  Finally we will discuss the fundamentals of marksmanship as well as a few basic shooting positions.  After these items are covered students will put what they have learned into effect, engaging paper and fun reactive targets at various ranges.  











Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW)(10 hours: 1 evening 1 day) (Intermediate level) $125

This course will meet the required standard for “formal firearms training” that many states require before they will issue a CCW permit.  The course consists of 2 hours classroom training discussing both the legal and the practical aspects of carrying concealed, the permitting process, and the moral and legal consequences of deadly force application. The following day will be spent at the range refreshing the fundamentals of marksmanship, practicing with various carry options, and finally culminating in a scenario based use of force. 






More course descriptions to come……

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