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Marcus Hom

Manager and Lead instructor Marcus Hom considers himself as much a student as an instructor.   He is continually learning and assessing new techniques for both application and instruction.  Marcus believes that there are two equally vital components when considering any form of instruction.  First, the instructor must have a firm grasp of the concepts and skills he is teaching and be able to properly demonstrate all techniques.  Second, the instructor must be able to effectively impart those concepts and skills to the student.  This second aspect is a function of teaching abilities, which in many instances is more complicated than acquiring the skill itself.  Marcus offers the proper balance of personal skills and teaching abilities.  

 “I do not teach over my head.  If there is something you want to learn that I haven’t done, I will learn how to do it, then figure out how to effectively teach it to you.”

Marcus has experience in Law Enforcement and Security, working as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Reserve Municipal Police Officer, and Private Security Officer.  Marcus has instructor certifications from both the NRA and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

He has provided a wide variety of instruction to men and women of varying ages. From childrens’ snowboarding to collegiate womens’ rugby to Defensive Tactics for Federal Officers.  Marcus understands various learning styles and will tailor his courses to meet the needs of his students. 

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